SmartSound® Technology Drives Soundtrack Creation in Ulead’s New VideoStudio 8 Video Editing Software

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leading provider of soundtrack creation technology for visual content creators, today announced that its Quicktracks® technology is driving the soundtrack creation elements of Ulead Systems’ new VideoStudio 8 video editing software. By embedding SmartSound’s patented technology and music with its latest software release, Ulead is giving home video creators the opportunity to create composer-quality soundtracks for their videos without having to be a musician or an audio expert.

SmartSound’s Quicktracks technology is the driving force behind the new Music Generator feature inside VideoStudio 8. While editing their videos, VideoStudio 8 users can go to the Auto Music tab and select a piece of music from the SmartSound library that sounds appropriate for a particular section of footage. The patented SmartSound Quicktracks technology then creates a new, fully-composed soundtrack based on that music selection, which exactly fits the length needed and always has a musical beginning and ending.

“With VideoStudio 8, we are giving home movie creators a complete solution to easily and quickly make entertaining movies, or, if they wish, spend more time crafting their productions with advanced editing tools and control,” said Travis White, video editing product manager at Ulead Systems. “SmartSound’s technology is an excellent match for VideoStudio because it lets our users create high-quality soundtracks without requiring extensive skills or training.”

SmartSound has developed a Quicktracks SDK (Software Development Kit) to enable visual application developers to tap into the power of SmartSound’s patented technology and library of more than 70 music and sound effects CDs. Embedding Quicktracks not only improves the end user experience, it also provides significant after-market sales opportunities for add-on music and sound effects.

“Our technology continues to provide a proven and unique solution for companies looking to provide their customers with an elegant and convenient soundtrack creation tool,” said Kevin Klingler, president and CEO of SmartSound Software. “Ulead’s customers will be able to make better movies while saving time.”

Anyone who purchases VideoStudio 8 can increase their music library by purchasing additional SmartSound Music CDs. The SmartSound Movie Music CDs are licensed for home and educational use, and feature musical selections most used by home video creators. Movie Music CDs can be purchased direct from SmartSound or participating resellers, and will soon be available from the Ulead Web store.

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