Close to 100 companies line up for PSP

LOS ANGELES , May 11, 2004 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. announced today that nearly a hundred third party game developers and publishers from around the world have expressed their support for PSP™, the new handheld video game system to be launched in Japan in the end of 2004, followed by the North American and European launches in the spring of 2005.

Adopting UMD™ (Universal Media Disc), a newly developed compact, high capacity optical disc as the storage device, PSP offers a wide variety of computer entertainment content. SCEI has been promoting development of PSP games on UMD to third party game developers and publishers and as of today, 99 game software developers and publishers have expressed their support for PSP (Japan: 34, North America: 24, Europe/PAL: 31 and South Korea: 10). A broad range of new and attractive game titles are currently being developed for PSP by first and third party developers and publishers. SCEI expects to expand the world of PSP gaming supported by a strong line-up of software titles.

In addition to game developers and publishers, many inquiries have been received from various companies in the music and movie industries regarding publishing on PSP. In response to wide interest across the entertainment industries, SCEI will actively promote UMD as the new disc media to provide a diverse range of entertainment content in the future.

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