New Book Explains How to be a Great Parent to Your Inner Child

Great Parent to Your Inner Child
New Book Explains How to be a Great Parent to Your Inner Child (PRNewsfoto/William Kaplanidis)

Just when you thought you had only one inner child, William Kaplanidis comes along to suggest that you may have multiple inner children—one for every major trauma experienced in your early childhood, some of which you may have pushed away instead of dealing with. An internationally-known healer, Kaplanidis discusses how to heal these “broken pieces of our heart” in his new book, How to be a Great Parent to Your Inner Child: Connect with Your Heart and Higher Purpose (Acudragon® Wellness System).

Kaplanidis sees the impact of these wounded inner children when his patients make poor decisions or suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain and illnesses. In his book, Kaplanidis gives people the tools they need to re-parent themselves to fill-in any missing gaps and explains what they can do to help their children achieve more emotional balance. Being bullied by peers, criticized by parents and living through a parental divorce are all possible ways children end up with a damaged heart, says Kaplanidis.

Kaplanidis’ journey of exploring various healing modalities began because of a congenital weakness in his joints and connective tissue. After suffering a serious sports injury, he spent his 16th year bedridden and on crutches. He was told at 17 that he would be crippled by the age of 40 and would live much of his life in excruciating pain. Combining his passion for sports and intense will power, Kaplanidis eventually was able to compete in martial arts tournaments, and teach self-defense and therapeutic exercises. He developed the Acudragon® Wellness System based on his training in martial arts, acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, T’ai Chi and qigong.

In an interview, Kaplanidis can discuss:

  • Stress, intimate relationships and other triggers that activate a person’s normally hidden inner children.
  • The real reason people overreact to certain situations, causing them to experience more anger, joy, fear, anxiety and worry than is appropriate for the circumstance.
  • How to tell if your symptoms and ailments are connected to stuck energy.
  • Suggestions for creating a safe time and place for your inner child to express his or her emotions and needs.

About the author

William J. Kaplanidis, L.Ac., M.S., M.A., is an internationally renowned healer and teacher who is widely published and has made multiple media appearances. He has more than 30 years’ experience helping thousands heal from physical and emotional traumas, and has worked with Olympic athletes, professional dancers, corporate executives and many other individuals who have experienced stress and pain. With advanced training in psychology, East-Asian medicine and martial arts, Kaplanidis fuses Eastern and Western healing methods to provide personalized care for his clients and students.