Premiere Page Peel

The Page Peel transition peels a clip from Track 1A away from a clip from Track 1B. As it does this, the reflection from Track 1A is reflected on the back of the page as it peels. That reflection can be replaced with a logo or graphic by nesting the transition.

Adding a graphic or logo to the back of the Page Peel transition is not difficult. To begin, drag the clip that will be peeled away onto Track A in the Construction Window. Drag the Page Peel transition in the T Track. Right click the Page Peel transition and click the Transition Settings. Make sure that transition is peeling from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

After dragging the color matte to Track 1B, manually stretch it so the it is the same length of the other clips. Now select all three Tracks. Track 1A clip, Transition and the Color Matte on Track 1B, with the Block Select Tool.

When you move the mouse over the selected area the arrow turns into a Virtual Clip Tool. Click the area and drag the virtual clip into Video 2.

Drag you graphic or logo from the Project Window onto Track 1A. Because the image will either be rotated or mirrored in the transition, you will need to either rotate or mirror your image in a editing application, such as Photoshop, before importing it into Premiere.

Now drag the Page Turn transition onto Track T. Drag you graphic or logo onto Track 1B. Vertically align all of the clips and the transition. Select the virtual clip, click Clip then Transparency.

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