Creating Custom Transitions With Premiere

In this tutorial we will explore Premiere 5.1a’s ® transitions in depth. You will learn how to customize transitions to create dazzling effects. We will also look at filters. 

Premiere 5.1a ® gives you several options to customize the Transition palette, as well as the ability to save a set of transitions to reuse at a later time. (see pg. 204 in the manual for details)

To add transitions to your project your clips must be on the video 1A or 1B Tracks. You can add transitions with the Video 1 Track either collapsed or expanded. But enough of the basics, let talk about customizing transitions.

Customizing Transitions 
Premiere® has over 70 transitions, but because most are configurable just add a little creativity and your possibilities are endless.

Using The Transitions Settings Dialog Box 
Drop a transition into the Transition Track and double click it to bring up the Transitions Settings Dialog Box. Click the show Actual Source button so that your actual source clips will appear.

Setting Start And End Points 
Changing the Start and End points will allow you to start and end the transition in the middle of the effect. Tip: Hold down the key to simultaneously lock and move the Start and End sliders.

When you are using the transitions Zoom, Iris Cross, Iris Diamond, Iris Round Iris Square or Iris Star you can change the starting position. Simply move the mouse pointer to reposition it.

You can also add borders around the transition to add effect. Use the border slider to adjust the thickness and the color picker to change the color of the border.

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