New High-Gloss Black Acrylic iPad Mounts From newPCgadgets

High-Gloss Black Acrylic iPad Mounts From newPCgadgets
iPad Black Acrylic Wall Mount (PRNewsfoto/newPCgadgets)

With dozens of bulky iPad enclosures available on the market today, newPCgadgets has just introduced a new line of sleek, high-gloss, black acrylic iPad mounts. These new mounts are geared towards businesses looking for new, eye-catching, solutions for securing their iPads in open environments.

Available in both a secure counter mount and secure wall mount, newPCgadgets has focused on creating iPad mounts with an ease of interaction and a fresh high-tech look.

According to their president Michael Schriner, “With our new black acrylic design we were able to provide a new look that is both elegant and secure. We are targeting businesses that want to make an advertising statement with their iPad display instead of the same old thing.”

As a leader in acrylic iPad displays, newPCgadgets has incorporated the tapered look of the Apple store displays to create a secure fixed position counter mount that works well in most business settings that require security.

Similar in design but without the tapered angle, newPCgadgets Wall Mount is a low profile and secure frame that is also constructed of high-gloss black acrylic.

The new iPad Counter Mount secures to any surface with adhesive strips or screws (both included). The iPad Wall Mounts secure to the wall with screws and anchors (both included). The outer-frame secures with tamper-proof screws and provides full-access to the touch screen. The charging cable is located within the base to prevent removal. Slots are provided for the audio port and on/off switch. The iPad Counter Mount is constructed from 1 1/2″ black acrylic and the iPad Wall Mount is constructed in 1″ black acrylic.

newPCgadgets is also offering laser engraved logos on the surface of the outer-frame for businesses looking to add their brand.