Carbonite Backup Software

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About Carbonite

Carbonite was founded in 2005 and launched its online data backup service in 2006. The company was the first to offer unlimited backup space at a low, flat rate, and revolutionized the market for small business and consumer file protection. Today, Carbonite has been entrusted with more than 2.5 billion files and has restored more than 160 million lost or damaged files for customers all over the world.

Carbonite strives to deliver a high quality, rock-solid service that makes it possible for customers to forget about data backup, knowing that their irreplaceable files are protected. Carbonite subscribers receive an affordable and reliable online backup service that’s totally secure and simple to use. Individual users and small businesses can access Carbonite’s variety of products through many different outlets including the Carbonite corporate website, major US retailers and numerous international distributors.

How Carbonite Works

Carbonite installs a low profile application on your computer that works constantly and inconspicuously in the background, identifying new files or those that have been modified. These files are automatically stored in Carbonite’s secure virtual vault and can be accessed at any time. Carbonite integrates with your desktop—it looks and feels like any other part of the computer, and there’s no new interface to learn.

  • Carbonite is completely automatic:

The application automatically searches for new or changed files anytime the computer is idle. There are no settings or manual controls to worry about. When the computer is in use, Carbonite immediately goes into sleep mode so there’s never any interference with your internet
connection or computer performance.

  • Carbonite is secure and encrypted:

Carbonite provides the ultimate in security for all types of data files. Customer privacy is of utmost importance; all files are encrypted twice before transfer from your computer. Once the data reaches Carbonite’s secure information centers it remains encrypted while in storage, so files are always protected and only accessible to the subscriber.

  • Carbonite is easy to use:

When files are lost or inadvertently deleted, they can be recovered quickly with just a few simple clicks from your own desktop. If your computer is ever stolen, damaged, crashes or is otherwise inaccessible and everything is lost, a visit to the Carbonite website from a working computer is all it takes to get started restoring those files.

Why Choose Carbonite?

These days, we almost live our lives on the computer. Photos, emails, financial records, medical records, music files, important documents and much more are stored there, and many of us never consider copying these crucial files to backup media like a disc or flash drive. What would happen if all that information suddenly disappeared?

With backup storage protection from Carbonite, computer files are always secured and recovering lost information is just a click away.

Remote File Access

Carbonite now offers remote file access for online backup subscribers. Customers can retrieve their personal or business files from any computer with an internet connection thanks to Carbonite’s new remote file access feature. This gives you an additional level of convenience, allowing you to interact with all of your stored data via Carbonite’s secure web portal.

Carbonite for Mac

Carbonite is available for Mac users, offering a simple and dependable backup storage solution at an affordable price. For just $54.95 a year, Mac users can enjoy unlimited storage space for important documents, digital photos, music files and more. Unlike other backup programs, Carbonite requires virtually zero maintenance once it’s installed—the applications run discreetly in the background, automatically backing up files as they’re added to the hard drive.

Full Protection from Real Disaster

According to recent statistics, more than 43% of computer users lose their irreplaceable files every year. Hard drive crashes, device theft, damaging power surges, fires or natural disasters, or accidental deletion—losing important data is a very real possibility. It pays to take proper precautions.

Protect Your Computer with Carbonite

Register today for a risk-free, no-obligation trial and find out just how easy it is to protect your critical documents and digital files securely with Carbonite’s range of products.