AT&T Wireless

AT&T can offer a wide range of AT&T Coupons to help you buy that exciting new cell phone at a fantastic low price. Some of the deals offered by allow the new customer to take advantage of AT&T Wireless free shipping.

The Company

Previously known as Cingular Wireless, AT&T is the largest wireless company in the US. In existence for over a century, the company employs 266,590 employees worldwide and has its HQ in Texas. The company boasts 72.9 million subscribers across the US. The company’s last posted figures in 2009 showed revenues of $123 billion. It is currently recognized as a world leader in the communications business from smartphones to the provision of Wi-Fi. The company is also recognized for the provision of its cell phone services not just in the US but also overseas. AT&T laboratories are always leading the way in terms of their research and development. Most recently, the brand new Pantech Crossover, Android smartphone has just been released to stores throughout the US for AT&T customers. You will be able to buy this phone for $69.99 on a two-year contract and a minimum monthly data plan.

Pay As You Go allows customers the chance to buy AT&T ‘Pay As You Go’ phones with its coupon and promotional codes. Pay as You Go Phones’ are an excellent way to monitor your costs as it means that you can only spend the exact amount of money that you have charged the phone with, starting with your $25.00 airtime card. One of the many cell ‘phones in this range is the Samsung Flight ™ GoPhone Package, which not only uses a QWERTY keyboard but also has a touch screen so that you can surf the net and view all your photos and it is also a messaging phone.


There is a wide range of the latest smartphones currently available on contract from AT&T. Using their wireless technology interconnectivity could not be easier either from phone to phone or phone to computer and the proposed extension of the Wi-Fi network will only enhance this service. Disabled people have long campaigned for greater access to new technological developments as they can greatly profit from the ability to communicate with ease. These smartphones can help people with disabilities overcome these problems. For example the top of the range Samsung Eternity ™ II has touch screen capability, voice guided GPS, it can access online banking messaging, hands free voice communications and a whole host of cool apps relating to visual imaging, gaming and the internet. Emails can also be sent from this phone.


AT&T offer a number of different messaging packages to its customers. The company suggests that if you chose the right package you will not incur any unexpected costs and therefore keep your budget easily under control. These different packages include, messaging and data unlimited, data unlimited – mainly for the user who wants to download – Family Data Unlimited, Messaging Unlimited for Families, and Messaging Unlimited. The LG Neon II Package is a good example of this type of phone. If you buy from AT&T online you will not have to pay either activation costs or overnight shipping fees. Starting plans come from as little as $39.99 per month and Choice of Service starts at only $20.00 per month.

iPhones too

AT&T Wireless technology fully supports the iPhone 4 the AT&T coupons allow you to buy one of these amazing units with 16GB for only $199.00, the 32 GB model costs $299.00. AT&T also offers refurbished iPhone 4s for sale, with the 16GB model you can make a massive saving of $100 and likewise for the 32 GB phone. The iPhone 4 really is the all singing and dancing phone, among its many features include retina display and multi-tasking.

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