Braun Series 9

Today Braun, the world’s most trusted* grooming brand, renowned for its expertly crafted male grooming tools, introduces the NEW Braun Series 9 collection to the U.S. market. The newly innovated premium and exclusive range of electric shavers, offers men the most efficient shave so they can face, with confidence, every challenge that life brings their way.

The New Year is the perfect time for men to refresh and optimize their daily grooming routine. With the NEW Series 9, Braun is putting men in the driver’s seat, giving them the tools, down to the smallest detail, so that they are prepared to take on the day. The new shaver has been designed for the discerning man who is not willing to compromise on the details that matter and demands the best performance from his shaver.

The newest innovation of the NEW Series 9 is its enhanced titanium coated trimmer, which offers detail, style, precision and performance for the world’s most efficient shave. Central to the razor surface is a unique golden strip delivering optimal shave technology. The HyperLift & Cut Trimmer coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN) improves the shaver’s ability to glide over the skin with a low level of friction, providing a pleasant and superior feel against the skin. It also protects from corrosion and wear, and increases durability, allowing the NEW Series 9 to deliver up to 50,000 shaves.

“Over the last few years we have witnessed a dramatic shift on the importance men place on looking their best before walking out of the door,” said Braun Grooming Expert, Sascha Breuer. “Having a morning routine in place has proven to boost confidence for tackling the day ahead, and grooming is central to that routine because when you look good, you feel good. The best shaving tool to achieve that every day is the NEW Braun Series 9, which sets a new standard of excellence as it ensures the most efficient and exceptionally gentle shave.”

The shaver’s fully flexible SyncroSonic™ shaving head navigates facial contours with ease. The five shaving elements in the shaving head work together to capture every type of hair. Braun’s advanced micro-adaptation OptiFoil™ shaving foils maneuver nimbly to cut hair as close to the skin as possible over every contour. They work with the center cutting elements, creating precision that minimizes the risk of top layers of skin being cut during shaving and helps avoid skin irritation.

The glide is further enhanced with the shaver’s Protective SkinGuard, which catches stubble and beard hairs to use fewer strokes than an average razor and, in turn, creates less tugging and pulling at the skins surface, even with several days’ growth. It is also compatible with water, foam and gel grooming products, leaving the choice comfortably in men’s hands.

The NEW Braun Series 9 demonstrates state of the art attention to detail and premium design. Not only do its new features improve the male grooming experience, it also has a sleek look designed for efficiency and strength. The shaver is available in a chrome, silver, black, or blue finish and comes with a charger stand for simple refueling. The shaver is available at AmazonWalmartTarget, and Best Buy and has a suggested retail price of $299-329.