SE Light Wipe Filter

I have a letter X, which I’m wiping off the screen using the SE LW. It starts in the center of the letter and works its way up and down, respectively. When the letter splits the edges are too ‘straight’, and I’d rather they be softer, or slightly blurred. Is there a way to do this? If I’m not explaining this clearly, I can post a .gif somewhere to illustrate what’s going on.

A gradient wipe will give you more control over feather and blur but you might lose the effect of the light rays.

You can also apply Final Effects Complete’s Wide Time to a precomposed Light Wipe. this will let you soften the edge at will. OR, you could combine the Light Wipe with a soft linear wipe underneath?

Another way is to use the Echo filter with the following settings:

Echo Time: -.005 
Number of Echoes: 10 
Starting intensity: 0.98
Decay: 0.85 
Echo Operator: Composite in front.

You have to pre-compose the light-wipe layer (selecting the second option) before you apply the echo effect.

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