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Morningstar is one of the leading suppliers of independent investment market research. If you are an investor in North America, Europe, Australia, or Asia, there is a good chance that you have benefited from the advice of this company. Their investment products come in print, software, and over the internet at, serving individuals, financial advisors, and institutions.

Offering data on hundreds of thousands of investment offerings, as well as real-time global market data on millions of foreign exchange and treasury markets, precious metals, commodities, options, futures, equities and indexes, this market research supplier has operations in 26 different countries.

Thanks to its huge network of information, they have the inside track on the best investment opportunities. They can also help you to plan your retirement, so that your transition into the easy life is in fact easy. Top investment journals such as Forbes and Barron’s place among the best investment market research sites.

What They Can Do for You

It does not matter if you are an amateur investor looking for a good way to start in the market, a company looking for a wise way to allocate assets, or an advisor that wants to have the best tips for your clients, they can help you. In fact, they have services geared specifically toward each one of these three areas.

For individuals

For individual investors of any level of expertise, they offer a program of planning, education, research specific opportunities and investment advice from certified market experts. It does not matter if you want to put a huge amount into the market, or the last of your savings: they have a plan that is bound to work for you.

For businesses

For asset management firms, this company can help to develop, introduce and promote new products, fulfill compliance requirements, track as well as manage institutional data, and evaluate performance. They also help asset management firms to manage profiles, including asset allocation and attribution analysis. Brokerage firms can also benefit from professional investment research and advice. In addition, this company acts as an intermediary between your firm and young talent. With the help of their widely read online and print publications, you can find exciting new employees who may help your business to prosper.

For advisors

Financial advisors can cut the fat on their practice by working with an information stream that helps to make client communication more succinct. Without having to go through a variety of sources for market research information, advisors can focus on their clients. Many of the same benefits of working with this company that appeal to businesses also appeal to financial advisors.

For retirement

If you are about to plan your retirement, one of the smartest things you can do is work with this company on it. This is because they help you to work out the retirement plan you want, offering a variety of options that allow optimum retirement freedom. No matter how you view your retirement, you may need some help to get there.

This Morningstar website is a 24/7 destination for the latest stock tips, and allows everyone from individual investors to large scale firms to check on what’s new with the market. After a trial run of their website, very few users go without purchasing the service.


There are very few investment research companies with the worldwide resources of this one. Thanks to their multi-country, cross-continent informational network, they are consistently among the investment research companies that provide the most relevant tips at every turn. If there is a new development to be capitalized on, you can bet that you will be alerted before anyone else has even heard about it.

The array of services offered by this company is virtually unmatched, as is their ability to adapt to the needs of individual clients. Their adaptability, as well as the quality of its information, makes it a premier market research company.

Start Investing Wisely

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