InterVideo iMobi(TM) DTV Turnkey Solution Ready for Mass Production

Complete Hardware and Software Solution Saves Development Costs

InterVideo(R), Inc. announced today that its TI DM320 based iMobi(TM) Digital TV Turnkey Reference Design Solution is ready to be rolled out to OEM customers.

The iMobi turnkey solution is a complete mobile DTV reference design that combines a flexible package of software with a complete, integrated and tested hardware schema. It is ready for delivery to ODM and OEM customers who want to enable their handset devices with Mobile DTV capabilities. With InterVideo’s flexible iMobi software package and unique hardware design, multiple formats of digital TV including DVB-H, 1-Seg DTV, T-DMB and DVB-T are supported while ensuring a short development cycle and extensibility in the future.

Key features available with InterVideo’s iMobi turnkey solution include:

— Mobile DTV Support: DVB-H, 1-Seg DTV, T-DMB and DVB-T

— Game Console Support

— Video Playback

— Audio Playback

— Slideshow Support

— Composite Out

— SD/MMC Card Support

“What makes this turnkey solution particularly attractive to our valued OEM customers is that InterVideo has completed both the hardware and software design, and shares development on the customers’ platform,” said Chinn Chin, Vice President of Engineering at InterVideo. “This decreases costs and speeds time to market. Customers get a complete package with which they can go to mass production within a very short time.”

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