Inscriber Technology Releases TitleMotion AVX for Avid

October 15, 2001 – Inscriber Technology Corporation announced today the new release of Inscriber® TitleMotion AVX for Avid products. The TitleMotion AVX plug-in will support the following Windows-based Avid Products: Symphony, Media Composer, Avid Xpress and Avid Xpress DV systems.

“With the new TitleMotion, it has never been easier for editors using Windows-based Avid products to create stunning video titles and motion effects quickly,” stated Joel St. Denis, Product Manager, Desktop Products at Inscriber Technology Corporation. “To boost the creative process, TitleMotion’s new features include over 200 pre-designed templates, over 50 animation templates, over 200 new text styles, blur filter, spell checker and text on a path.”

TitleMotion’s compelling features include lower-thirds, rolls, crawls, anti-aliased text, soft-edge shadows, drawing tools, background import and productivity tools such as drag-and-drop style chips and the time saving template feature. TitleMotion for Avid also includes a keyframe-based animation component that is used to add motion to titles. Video producers can take any title and create multi-layered animations to fly text, graphics, logos and draw objects around the screen. TitleMotion also includes the unique feature that allows editors to animate each character of a title independently. Every moving object, including characters, can also be flipped, twisted, skewed or rotated, and filters, such as blur, can be applied to the animation over time.

Avid Visual eXtensions (AVX) is a visual effects plug-in architecture that dynamically extends the collection of visual effects offered by Avid products to include 3rd party plug-ins. The open architecture of AVX promotes transparent effect integration and ease of use, platform and host application independence, and backward compatibility. The AVX interface is supported by Symphony, Media Composer, Avid Xpress and Avid Xpress DV systems.

Inscriber TitleMotion AVX for Windows-based Avid products is available immediately and retails for US$595.

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