Compact Wireless GUSB Networking Adapter

Hawking Technologies Introduces the first Compact Wireless-G USB Networking Adapter with a Removable Antenna for Upgrading to Hawking’s diverse line of Hi-Gain Wifi Range Extending Antennas

Hawking Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of innovative wired and Hi-Gain™ wireless networking solutions for home, workgroup, and corporate users, announced today that it has begun shipping the world’s first compact WiFi USB networking adapter with a removable antenna for easy antenna upgrading.

“The problem with wireless networks these days is not the speed, it’s the distance. Regardless of how fast your network is, if you don’t have the distance it simply won’t work. We understand this at Hawking and are very excited to announce the release of the versatile HWUG1 Wireless-G USB Networking Adapter with a removable antenna. By featuring a removable antenna, we are giving the consumer the option of customizing their setup for their specific WiFi application. For example, a user could purchase our HWUG1, remove the associated antenna and add a Hi-Gain Indoor Directional Antenna from Hawking for a significant increase in range. Whether it’s a user in a RV park trying to boost a connection to the park’s WiFi hotspot or a home owner that wants to connect a user to the backhouse, the HWUG1 is versatile enough to meet the demands of most WiFi trouble spot scenarios by allowing the user to choose from our wide range of Hi-Gain WiFi Range Extending solutions.” says Amy Tang, Marketing Specialist at Hawking Technologies.

The HWUG1 connects to your notebook or desktop computer using a USB 2.0 connection and features an antenna that is easily unscrewed from the adapter. Hawking Technologies offers a wide range of Hi-Gain™ indoor antennas and Hi-Gain™ outdoor antennas that are compatible with the HWUG1 and can boost a wireless connection up to 600%.

The Wireless-G USB Adapter supports wireless Turbo Mode for connection speeds of up to 108Mbps when connected to a Hawking Technologies Wireless-108G MIMO Router. Advanced Security features and support for WPA and WPA2 ensure that all data is well encrypted and secure.

Features for the USB Wireless-G Adapter with Removable Antenna:

• Enable wireless networking for any Windows based computer 
• External Antenna allows for better wireless performance 
• Installs in seconds with easy to use, step by step Setup Wizard. 
• Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 Wireless Security. 
• Plug and Play Compatibility with all Hawking Hi-Gain WiFi Range Extending antennas. 
• Supports Turbo Mode for 108Mbps Wireless data speeds 

Pricing and Availability 
The HWUG1 Hi-Gain™ Compatible USB Wireless-G Adapter is available via retailers, direct marketers, e-commerce sites, and distribution channels at a MSRP of $59 and an Estimated Street Price (ESP) of $49.99.

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