Adtec Digital Joins Forces with MPEG Industry Forum

Adtec Digital recently became a member of the MPEG Industry Forum, an organization aiming to further the adoption of MPEG standards, by establishing them as well accepted and widely used standards among creators of content, developers, manufacturers, providers of services and end users.

“Adtec is excited about becoming involved in the MPEG Industry Forum and taking advantage of the various programs and services provided,” Adtec President, Kevin Ancelin, said. “We are especially looking forward to utilizing the interoperability testing for MPEG 4 part 10 development and resources for developing emerging MPEG standards.”

MPEGIF offers various services including the testing of products, promotion for potential users of MPEG technology and certification programs to ensure tools are MPEG 4 conformant.

“MPEGIF is a Forum for industry players that want to manufacture, deploy or use emerging MPEG technologies, and the philosophy is that all involved parties, even though competitors in some respect, profit from the standard to be accepted and take off,” MPEGIF President, Sebastian Moeritz, said. “Interoperability testing is of paramount importance and tremendous value in product development with open standards, such as MPEG 4, in the international marketplace. Companies come together to test their codec implementation in order to ensure that products will work together and any interoperability problems are resolved in a collaborative way.”

MPEGIF strives to achieve its goals through promotional activities including supplying MPEG 4-related information, products and services, organizing conference supersessions, tutorials, exhibitions and seminars.

MPEGIF also carries out support functions such as initiating discussions with industry leaders and maintaining extensive knowledge in the legalities of MPEG standards.

“MPEGIF will allow us to stay abreast of developments in MPEG technology and contribute our own knowledge to the success of new compression schemes,” Adtec Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ron Johnson, said. “We are also exploring options with the MPEGIF Logo Qualification Program to aid in our creation of new products.”

MPEGIF represents approximately 100 companies from diverse industries. MPEGIF member companies are evenly distributed across North America, Europe and Asia, addressing MPEG adoption issues that go beyond the charter of ISO/IEC MPEG. Specifically focusing on the widespread adoption of MPEG 4 AVC and ASC, activities include marketing, interoperability and the MPEGIF Logo Qualification Program as well as presence at trade show and extensive conference participation. For more information, visit

Adtec Digital designs and manufactures innovative technology for digital television delivery, IP streaming, commercial insertion, and multimedia digital video applications. Adtec Digital products offer rock solid engineering, powerful features, scalability and the ability to generate unmatched bottom line revenue. For more information about Adtec Digital, visit

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